Terms of Service

I as the owner of the site, saying that the site is free in the open for anyone and may at any selua spread anywhere because my site is to share to those who need it .
Terms of Service
The following terms and conditions of service are binding to all visitors and users blog Game bollong . We as a blog provider is responsible for managing the publication of the article , change the content , setting visits and discussions . By using this blog you agree to the following terms and conditions :

  1. You will not do piracy / plagiarism content from this site or any exit from the outside in this site in the realm of any rule or code ; And with this you are subject to the provisions of the DMCA ;
  2. You will not publish material that are in the intellectual property rights without the permission in this blog ;
  3. You will not spam either randomly or intentionally in various forms on this blog ;
  4. You are not going to provide links and / or link aimed at improving / divert commercial traffic to a particular site , or intentionally fraudulent conduct in the covert link ( phishing , proofing , and so forth ) ;
  5. You will not penetrate / hack into the database system , including implanting malicious software ( worms , viruses , trojans ) which may corrupt the content and / or harmful to other users ;
  6. You will not publish or provide links / link that is pornographic , obscene , vulgar , either in the form of text , images or video ;
  7. You will use the system as a polite and ethical discussion , and not an attack , insult , and other improprieties against other users ;
  8. You are not going to enter a URI / URL blogs or other sites that provide unwanted electronic messages , or similar promotional methods that are not healthy ;
  9. You will not use the name in manners or leksikalitas can be confusing or give interpretations that refer to other parties who are not you basically .

if you violate the terms of the above I will not hesitate to delete comments or to report it to the DMCA and does not receive cooperation with you.

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